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We’ve been working on our new look, and another new thing too.

You might have noticed that we’ve had a bit of an update. It’s only a small change, but we think it looks a bit prettier, and better reflects how we feel about our brand. That, and we have a bit of a soft spot for Adrian Frutiger. So with that in mind, we waved goodbye to Helvetica, and created our new brand identity out of Avenir. (Avenir Next, to be precise.)

But that’s not the only thing we’ve changed. It’s always been a core principle of ours that we try and do as much good as we can with the skills that we have. We try and make everything just that little bit nicer where we can. Granted, our main goal as a company is to sell products and services — such is the nature of the capitalist society in which we live — but we want our impact on the world to be a positive one.

Technology and media have incredible power, and can be used to do awe-inspiring things, but it’s our responsibility to make sure — as creators of technology and media — that we’re doing what’s right. These days, it’s not enough to just not be evil. Even if we’re trying to do the right thing, we recognise that it’s possible for people to use our products and services for things we don’t necessarily agree with. So we want to make sure nothing we make can be used to make the world a worse place to live.

That’s why we’re also unveiling our new motto: do some good. As well as being another expansion for the initialism DSG, it embodies what we want to do with our creations. We want to do more than just prevent them being used for nefarious purposes; we want to actively do good with what we put into the world.

It’ll take us a while to make sure we’re doing this everywhere. But we want you to be confident that this isn’t just a marketing thing we’ve come up with. It has always been a core value of ours, but now we’re sharing it with you. It’s a promise we’re making to you, and we want you to hold us accountable.

We love making stuff for you, and we hope you’ll continue to trust us to do it right.

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